Convention to buy the FAVORIS. Read carrefully.    


Before using this file, you have to accept the terms of its utilization.

Terms of user convention

This convention concerns the use of all CHAUDFROID products included in this file, as well as all programs and documents associated with it. By undoing the sealed package of the diskette containing the file or upon receiving the file by email or when using BOOKMARKS, you accept to abide by the terms of this convention.

1- License Concession The current agreement allows you to use a copy of BOOKMARKS whose user rights concern one product only. BOOKMARKS should only be used by the system that has it temporarily installed in its RAM or that has it on its hard disc. You are NOT allowed to use BOOKMARKS in a network setting unless you have bought a copy for each user.

2- Copyrights and Restrictions BOOKMARKS is owned by NICOLAS FRICHOT--also known as CHAUDFROID--or by his licensed retailers and is protected by the rules and regulations of copyright laws applied in Canada and internationally. CHAUDFROID also maintains all the rights that are implicitly granted by copyright rules. Thus, BOOKMARKS should be treated like any other product protected by copyright rules, except that you can make a backup copy of it or save it in your archives. You cannot rent or lease BOOKMARKS, but you can yield the user privileges stipulated by this convention to a new user, provided that you destroy all your copies of BOOKMARKS and the documents associated with it, and the new user accepts to abide by the rules and regulations of this agreement. You cannot restore the logic of the program, rename, or disassemble BOOKMARKS, except when this restriction is expressly overruled by applicable clauses and provisions.

3- Guarantee Deadline Within ten days following the purchase date, CHAUDFROID guarantees that the physical medium upon which BOOKMARKS is distributed is free of defect. CHAUDFROID of his own accord will replace BOOKMARKS, repair it, or reimburse its purchase cost only if the defective product is returned to him or to one of his licensed retailers within the ten day period following its purchase, accompanied by the bill or the code of confirmation as proof of purchase. These are your only recourses in the case of any breaches to our guarantee engagement. CHAUDFROID assumes no other implicit or explicit guarantees in regards to BOOKMARKS and its accompanying documents, particularly, but not limited to, the implicit guarantees of BOOKMARKS' marketing and particular use.

4- Limited Liability In no case can CHAUDFROID be held responsible for collateral, specific, or incidental damage or financial loss resulting from the use of or the inability to use this product, even though CHAUDFROID had been warned of the possibility of such damages. CHAUDFROID's responsibility cannot exceed the amount paid for purchasing BOOKMARKS. Lastly, certain jurisdictions authorizing neither the exclusion nor restriction of liability in the case of collateral and incidental damages, the restrictions mentioned above may not be applicable in your case. You are about to buy BOOKMARKS. Once this form has been filled out, you will receive the appropriate files by email within 10 business days.

I accept